How English expats have shaped the history of association football

Football is a global sport, but this short article will show three international teams that have historic ties to the UK.

Italian football has been at the center of the sport for a really long time, with a few of the very best players and teams emerging from the country. Although, one of the most famous and effective clubs in the nation, was built by English expats. The new AC Milan owner has taken over a club with a very long and vibrant historical past, and one that started in England. English amateur sportsmen moved from the midlands in England to Italy and built a soccer and cricket club in the northern Italian city. Of course, the team no longer plays cricket, but it was a major component in its formation, with the game being just about the most prevalent sports among Englishmen at the time. The team is now one of the well-known football clubs in Europe but owes its past to a sport that is barely played in the country. The English legacy of the club is commemorated however by the Anglicised name of the club, instead of the natural Italian name.

A nine-time Italian league winning side in Italy was built by a English expat from London who had relocated to the Italian port city. The club was originally started as an athletic and cricket club right back in the 19th century, but now it is of course just a football playing club. From these modest origins, the Genoa owner is today in control of a group worth well over €100m. There is no question that the founders would definitely have never dreamt of the club getting so large and successful 100 years later. The club claimed the first ever Italian championship and has helped develop the history of football; this is really intriguing considering the club wasn’t originally a football team. The title of the club still pays tribute to this history, with the words ‘Cricket Football Club’ after the city name, instead of just football.

One of the most leading Brazilian football clubs has a good link to English football. The team from the biggest city in the nation has one of the largest fanbases as well with the 2nd most supporters in the nation. With this fanbase comes great profits, which makes it the most valuable team in the Americas. All this wealth for the Corinthian president actually originated from an amateur British football team. In the beginning of the 20th century, an amateur English football team toured Brazil; they played so well in front of a team of locals that the locals made the decision to form a soccer club under the very same name. This is one of the most unusual yet fascinating football history facts, yet it is often neglected or unknown by fans. The history of football in England has a tremendous effect on the historical past of worldwide soccer, as shown by this example.

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